Oil Beats Gas- in virtually every way

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Choosing oil vs. gas?

Get the real facts, oil delivers more heat per unit of energy than other fuels. A gallon of oil delivers 140,000 BTUs, while gas delivers only 100,000 BTUs per therm. One therm of gas does not generate as much heat as a gallon of oil. No fuel other than oil is a cheaper way to heat your home! Over the last 20 years, the price of gas in Pennsylvania soared over 163%. Increased reliance on it for electric generation and industrial processing is significantly increasing demand and pushing gas prices up even further. What is most important when you make a decision about your heating fuel choice, is that you get all the scientific detail and research, that addresses your questions

In addition, Pennsylvania is moving to ultra-low sulfur heating oil to provide a cleaner, greener experience for our community and state. To learn more about this transition and the benefits it will provide to you, simply click this link to learn all the details you need to know regarding this super-clean liquid fuel option.

From methane issues to overstated climate benefits, the American Energy Coalition and Oil Heat America are excellent sources of information
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